Digital Media Innovation Capstone Research Project

Part of my final project included working with a group to come up with an app idea. We wrote a 10 page research paper that included a pitch deck. We used Lean Canvas and Basecamp to communicate and form our idea.

Individually, I created a prototype and website for the app. I used Adobe XD and Bootstrap to bring the idea to life.

Access research here: GROUP RESEARCH

Access prototype here: APP PROTOTYPE

Access Accounts website here: ACCOUNTS:BUDGET+SAVE

Social Media & Analytics Report Splash Sounds

As a final project, I created a campaign write-up with a group on a local business in San Marcos. Within the project we created a powerpoint and a written copy that included the issues, the campaign goal, objectives, strategies, tactics, editorial calendar and evaluation of the campaign. At the end of the semester we presented the campaign.

Access campaign here: FINAL WRITE-UP

Access powerpoint here: SPLASH SOUNDS POWERPOINT

Media Design Project Haute Magazine

I created a 24 page magazine spread using Adobe InDesign. Within this project I created a magazine cover, table of contents and various page layouts that focused on fashion and beauty.

Access magazine here: HAUTE

Multimedia Reporting Project Coding Website

Using Bootstrap, I created a multimedia storytelling project. This included html, css, photoshop and video. I used a font end framework to code my site. The content focused on the adoption process and provided data.


Media Design Think Green Weekly

Using Adobe Illustrator, I created a newspaper layout with a group. Each indiviual worked and designed on their page that included a story and pictures. We worked together and designed the front page.

Access newsletter here: THINK GREEN WEEKLY